Just in time baby gift purchase

Your friends produce offspring at a momentous rate.

Being a person who doesn’t think about babies, you don’t keep gifts on hand. It’s Saturday morning, your iPhone calendar reminds you of a “Meet the baby” event in several hours.

Decision time. a) You could run out, pay for several hours of parking, and hunt down a gift or b) go to the gym and Top Pot. You pick option b.

This leaves you without a gift. You have to drive to your friend’s house in the ‘burbs. Wouldn’t it be great to get a two for one and pick up the gift up en route?


You have to meet a friend’s new baby in three hours. You don’t want to spend your Saturday morning shopping for a baby gift. How do you get a baby gift with as little effort as possible?


Find local stores that allow one to browse local inventory online, buy online, and pick up in store.

You’re in luck Seattleite–Nordstrom.

After pulling up the site and navigating to the Gifts/Baby Gifts section, you filter to see results in your local Nordstrom. Then you see the perfect gift. Shiny and trimmed in fringe–metallic moccasins.

Yaaaaaas qween!

On the product page, you select the 1M size and add them to your bag. You’re just a few clicks away from checking off this task.

Then you notice Nordstrom wants to mail these to you. Not helping.

Current Experience

In the current experience the button to select pick up in store is below the more prominent call to action, thereby reducing its visibility.


Let’s go back to the product page. Unless you scroll down and expand the available in store information, you only see one button to add the item to your bag. After searching by items in a particular store, Nordstrom should make it easier to pick up the item. What if it was clearer to customers that they could ship or pick up?


Proposed User Experience