Shiny Stuff

I wanted to include presentation artifacts from roles I’ve had over the last 10 years. I’m happy to discuss the projects behind these artifacts in more detail.

Enterprise Social Product Manager

Yammer campaign overview for IT department cultural transformation initiative.

Yammer Campaign

The campaign posters I designed.

Enterprise Social Product Manager: Posters I designed for an IT department cultural transformation initiative.

Quarterly Report


Postcards with Yammer sign-up instructions I created for the Contact Center.

Yammer Sign-Up Postcard
Front of Postcard
Yammer Sign-up Postcard Back
Back of Postcard

Yammer Informational Presentation for Nordstrom Direct


Head of Product Design–Nordstrom People Lab

Communication guide I designed for senior IT leaders to support the cultural transformation.

Communication Guide


Site Coordination

Anniversary product ranking board I created for the beauty buyers. The board allowed the buyers to arrange their products in the category. After they were satisfied, they could pass the board to me to execute the changes. Pretty sure this sealed the deal for my All Star award in 2009 ;).